Chairman’s Notes

To All Members of the BADS BKA,

Thank you very much for choosing me as the Chairman of our Association and giving me the opportunity to do my utmost in fulfilling your trust and expectations. I look forward to what seems to be a really exciting year for us all. 2019 has certainly started strangely with an early spring and hives with 3 supers on in the middle of April…what more is there to come I wonder?

I joined the Association as a new Beekeeper 5 years ago and I have had great support, tuition and encouragement from the existing members. I still feel very much a new Beekeeper compared to many of our members but will do my best to keep up and give something back to the club.

As Chairman, I feel my job is not to dictate what happens in the club but to allow all voices to be heard on what the club does or should do in future and help guide that. In the years that I have been with the club, I would say that the club’s primary thrust has been education and this tends to be directed more towards new beekeepers. I think we have struggled to find value in what we can do for our longer term and more experienced members so I welcome any feedback or ideas on this. Me personally, one thing I would like to see us do is to have a little more fun at Christmas…on the wish list! 🙂

So far this year we have had some great talks already, the Wannabee day seemed to go very well and I hope that all events through the year are well attended, interesting, informative and entertaining. Feedback is welcome from anyone after these so that we can improve in future. I’m used to dealing with good or bad feedback so don’t worry that I will immediately resign if the feedback is bad, I will just try to improve things next time.

I am sending you all my warmest regards together with the best wishes for a successful year of beekeeping.

David Neal
Chairman, Bournemouth and Dorset South Beekeepers Association