Chairman’s Notes

To All Members of the BADS BKA,

Thank you very much for choosing me as the Chairman of our Association and giving me the opportunity to do my utmost in fulfilling your trust and expectations. I look forward to what seems to be a really exciting year for us all.

I was interested in beekeeping for a number of years before I took the plunge and with the encouragement and much help from the more experienced members of the Association, I embarked on the road to becoming a beekeeper. I am still travelling and learning from the knowledge and support provided by the Association.

This is why I feel very strongly that my role as the Chairman and the role of all Committee members is to work hard for your benefit by providing help and support and promoting good beekeeping through the educational programme.

However, our success depends on your involvement and participation in everything the Association can offer. Keep us informed about your successes and tribulations as beekeepers so we can serve you well and work together for the benefit of the whole association.

I am sending you all my warmest regards together with the best wishes for a successful year of beekeeping.

Elizabeth El-Dars
Chairman, Bournemouth and Dorset South Beekeepers Association