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A Book of BeesHUBBELL S.
A Bee MelodyBROWN Herbert
A Book of HoneyCRANE Eva
A Complete Guide To BeekeepingMORSE Roger A.
A Comprehensive Survey of HoneyCRANE Eva
A Guide for Judges and Exhibitors of Honey and Bee ProduceBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
A Handbook of BeekeepingRICHES H. R. C.
A Honeybee and her MasterCHAPMAN A. D’Arcy
A Manual of BeekeepingWEDMORE E. B.
A Method of ReQueeningSNELGROVE L. E.Miscellaneous Publication
A Modern Bee FarmSIMMINS S.
A Murmur of BeesSCOTT Amoret
A Practical Manual of BeekeepingCRAMP DavidRecent Addition to Library
A Taste of HoneyCHARLTON & NEWDICKRecent Addition to Library
A Thornhil Guide to BeekeepingSHIDA J.Miscellaneous Publication
A Two Queen SystemNIXON GilbertCentral Association of Beekeepers Lectures
ABC & XYZ of Bee CultureROOT A. I. (pub)
About PollenBINDING G J.
Adventures Among BeesMACE Herbert
All About MeadANDREWS S. W.
Allen Latham’s Bee BookLATHAM Allen
Alphabetical Guide for BeekeepersSTEVENS Ken
Amateur Wine MakingTRITTON S. M.
An Introduction to Bees and BeekeepingScottish Beekeepers AssociationSBKA Publication
An Introduction to Beeswax Flower MakingDUFFIN E.Miscellaneous Publication
Anatomy and Dissection of the HoneybeeDADE H. A.
Anatomy and Physiology of the HoneybeeSNODGRASS R. E.
Anton Janscha On The Swarming of BeesFRASER H. Malcolm
Apiculture For SchoolsSTEVENS Ken
Bee Boles and Bee HousesFOSTER A.M.
Bee Farming in BritainMACE Herbert
Bee Matters and MastersMACE Herbert
Bee Produce IllustratedHERROD-HEMPSALL W.
Bee PropolisFEARNLEY James
Beehive Management in AustraliaSLOANE Howard
Beehives – Bulletin No. 144H.M.S.O. BulletinsH.M.S.O. Bulletin
BeekeepingCLARK Kenneth K.
BeekeepingDAVIES A.
Beekeeping – Bulletin No. 9H.M.S.O. BulletinsH.M.S.O. Bulletin
Beekeeping -a Seasonal GuideBROWN Ron
Beekeeping and The LawFRIMSTON & SMITH
Beekeeping at Buckfast AbbeyADAM Brother
Beekeeping for AllEDWARDES Tickner
Beekeeping for Beginners and OthersJAMES E. L. B.
Beekeeping in AntiquityFRASER H. Malcolm
Beekeeping New and Old, Described with Pen and CameraHERROD-HEMPSALL W.
Beekeeping PracticeSTUART F. S.
Beekeeping Up To DateTINSLEY Joseph
BeesCROSS Graham
Bees and BeekeepingPAVORD A. V.
Bees and Beekeeping  Vol ICHESHIRE Frank
Bees and HoneyCARTER G A.
Bees and NeighboursBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Bees and WaspsLATTER Oswald H.
Bees and Wasps in your GardenBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Bees and Wasps: a Field Guide in ColourZAHRADNIK Jiri
Bees for BeginnersTAYLOR E. H.
Bees Shown to the ChildrenHAWKES Ellison
Bees, Magnetism & ElectricityPACKARD R. S.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Bees; Their Vision, Chemical Sense & LanguageVON FRISCH Karl
BeeswaxBROWN Ron
Beeswax and Propolis for Pleasure and ProfitMUNN Pamela
Beeswax CraftingBERTHOLD R.
Beeswax CraftsDUFFIN E. et al
Beeswax -Moulding and Candle MakingTAYLOR Richard
Beginners Guide To BeekeepingFALL Angela
Behaviour and Social Life of Honeybees, Ants and BeesRIBBANDS Ronald
Book of CandlesINNES Miranda
Bzzz – A Beekeeper’s PrimerFATIGATI Evelyn
Charles Nash Abbott (1830-1894) Bee – Master of SouthallLIGHTING R. H.
Children’s Books on Bees and BeekeepingHODGSON Natalie B.
Commonsense BeekeepingHOOPER M. M.
Communication Among Social BeesLINDAUR Martin
Constructive BeekeepingCHAPMAN Norman
Controlled Mating of Queen BeesWATSON Lloyd R.
Co-operative Honey Handling and Extracting TechniquesCOUSTON Robert
Curiosities of BeekeepingCROFT L. R.
Dadant System of BeekeepingDADANT C. P.
Development ProgrammesCRANE EvaBee Research Association Publication
Dictionary of Beekeeping TermsRUTTNER Prof. E.Bee Research Association Publication
Diseases of BeesBETTS Annie D.
Diseases of Bees – Bulletin No. 100H.M.S.O. BulletinsH.M.S.O. Bulletin
Down to the Grass Roots BeekeepingDAVIS George H.
Encylopaedia of BeekeepingMORSE & HOOPER
Ex AfricaBROWN Ron
Floral BiologyPERCIVAL Mary S.
Floral Decorations in BeeswaxCURNUCK K.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Frameless Moveable–Comb Hives in BeekeepingCRANE EvaBee Research Association Publication
Garden Plants Valuable to BeesRUTTNER Prof. E.Bee Research Association Publication
Get Started in BeekeepingWARING A. & C.
Granulated or Crystallized HoneyTONSLEY C. C.National Honey Show Publication
Guide to Bees and HoneyHOOPER Ted
H. 0. N. E. Y.ROUNCE Jeff
Handbook of Beekeeping by the Natural MethodHOGWOOD A. M.
History of Manx BeekeepingRIMMER Trevor
Hive ManagementBONNEY R. E.
Hogs At The HoneypotVERNON Frank
Home Honey ProductionBIELBY W. B.
Honey – Natural Food and HealerBORD Janet
Honey and its Many Health BenefitsBRIGGS Margaret
Honey and Wax for the ShowbenchTINSLEY J.Miscellaneous Publication
Honey Brood DiseasesHANSEN Henrik
Honey by the TonFIELD Oliver
Honey FarmingMANLEY R. C. B.
Honey For HealthTONSLEY Cecil
Honey in the CombKILLION Eugene E.
Honey MarketingRICHES H. R. C.
Honey Plants – Basis of ApicultureAPIMONDIA
Honey ProductionMANLEY R. C. B.
Honeybee AnatomyBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Honeybee Pathology the End of the beginning?BAILEY L.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Honeybees – a Guide to Bees and ManagementBROWN Ron
Honey—Pure, Natural, Wholesome GoodnessBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
How to Keep Bees and Sell HoneyKELLY Walter
How to Keep Bees Without Finding The QueenMANN Paul
How To Make Beeswax CandleFURNESS Clara
How To Raise Beautiful Comb HoneyTAYLOR Richard
Humanity to BeesNUTT Thomas
In Search of the Best Strains of BeesADAM Brother
Infectious Diseases of the HoneybeeBAILEY L.
Introducing BeekeepingWADEY H. J.
Judging Honey in the JarTONSLEY C. C.National Honey Show Publication
Keeping BeesBECKLEY Peter
Keeping BeesVIVIAN J.
Korfvlechten (How to make a skep – good illustrations)BREKELMANS Toon
Let’s Build a Bee HiveMILLER Wilbert R.
Living with VarroaMATHESON Andrew
Making MeadACTON Bryan & DUNCAN Peter
Making MeadMORSE Roger A.
Management, Production and Exhibition of Heather HoneyVICKERY GeorgeNational Honey Show Publication
Managing Live Bees at ShowsBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Managing MininucsBROWN Ron
ManipulationsALLAN Matthew
Mary Workman’s Honey RecipesFURNESS Clara
Mastering the Art of BeekeepingAEBI, Ormond & Harry
Me and the BeeABBOTT Mary
Mead and MeadmakingANDREWS S.W.National Honey Show Publication
Methods of Breeding Honeybees: Inter–RacialRUTTNER Prof. E.Bee Research Association Publication
Microscopes & Microscopic LifeHEALEY Peter
MinicosiesCOUGH E.Miscellaneous Publication
MininucCOUGH E.Miscellaneous Publication
Modern BeekeepingMACE Herbert
Monitoring for Varroa MitesBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
More About Royal JellyGOODING StanleyCentral Association of Beekeepers Lectures
My Favourite Honey RecipesKELLY Mrs. Walter (Ida)
New Varroa HandbookMOBUS & De BRUYN
Notes On Microscopical Technique for ZoologistsPANTIN C. F. A.
Nudge, Nudge, Hint, HintYATES J. D.
Oilseed Rape and BeesCALDER Allan
One Thousand Years of Devon BeekeepingBROWN Ron
Photographing Insects and FlowersVERNON F. G.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Plants and BeekeepingHOWES F. N.
Pollination of Fruit CropsFRUIT COMMITTEE
Horticultural Education Assoc.
Practical Bee AnatomyBETTS Annie D.
Practical Bee Keepingde BRUYN Clive
Practical BeekeepingMACE Herbert
Practical BeekeepingSTURGES ARTHUR M.
Practical BeekeepingTOMPKINS & GRIFFITH
Practical Beekeeping and Honey ProductionMACFIE D. T.
Precautions When Using Formic AcidBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Preparation of Liquid HoneyTONSLEY C. C.National Honey Show Publication
Principles of Practical BeekeepingCOUSTON Robert
Produced in the United KingdomBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Producing, Preparing, Exhibiting and Judging Bee ProduceHERROD-HEMPSALL W.
Production and Exhibition of Comb HoneyROBSON W. S.National Honey Show Publication
Profitable BeekeepingsGEARY H.
Propolis The Natural AntibioticHILL Ray
Queen Breeding and Genetics; How To Get Better BeesHOLM EigilRecent Addition to Library
Queen Breeding for AmateursABBOTT C.P.
Queen ManagementROOT A. I. (pub)
Queen RearingDADE H. A. pub.Miscellaneous Publication
Queen RearingSNELGOVE L. E.
Queen Rearing SimplifiedCOOK Vince
Queen Supercedure and SwarmingBUTLER C.GCentral Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Queen’s LandRICE Norman V.
Raise Your Own QueensSMAILES R.Miscellaneous Publication
Raise Your Own QueensSMAILES Richard
Rearing Queen HoneybeesMORSE Roger A.
Recent Research on Honeybee VirusesBAILEY Dr. L.Bee Research Association Publication
Recent Research on the use of Pollen SupplementsDOULL A. M.Bee Research Association Publication
Selection or interracial Hybrids?RUTTNER Prof. E.Bee Research Association Publication
Shining HoursBUZZARD C. N.
Showing Honey ProductsBROWN RonNational Honey Show Publication
Simple Two Queen SystemBROWN Ron
Sixty Years with BeesSIMS Donald
Skeps, Their History and useALSTON Frank
Social Organisation of the Bumble Bee ColonyFREE J. B.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Social WaspsEDWARDS Robin
Some Economic Aspects of Cross–BreedingADAM BrotherBee Research Association Publication
Some Evolutionary Aspects of the Insect Host Plant RelationshipBERNAYS B.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Some Important Operations in Bee ManagementJOHANSSON T.S.K. & M.P.
Spray LiaisonRUSSELL Malcolm
Success – Chance or DesignWIX PaulCentral Association of Beekeepers Lectures
Successful BeekeepingWEDMORE E. B.
Successful Wine and Beer MakingTRITTON S. M.
Summary of Laws Applying to the Sale and Supply of HoneyBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Swarm Control for the BeginnerBritish Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Swarm PreventionWERNER Herman E.
Swarming it’s control And PreventionSNELGOVE L. E.
Swarming of Bees – Bulletin No. 206H.M.S.O. BulletinsH.M.S.O. Bulletin
Swarming under ControlMANNMiscellaneous Publication
Syllabus Intermediate Examination (1982)British Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Syllabus Preliminary Examination (1981)British Beekeepers AssociationBBKA Publication
Teach Yourself BeekeepingSCHOFIELD A. N.
Teach Yourself BeekeepingVERNON Frank
The Anatomy, Physiology, and Natural History of the HoneybeeHERROD-HEMPSALL W.
The ApiaryNEIGHBOUR Alfred
The Archaeology of BeekeepingCRANE EvaRecent Addition to Library
The Art and Adventure of BeekeepingAEBI, Ormond & Harry
The Art of BeekeepingHAMILTON W.
The Bee CraftsmanWADEY H. J.
The Bee PeopleMORLEY
The Beekeepers Guide.HERROD-HEMPSALL W.
The Beekeeper’s ToolboxALLAN Matthew
The Beeway CodeDARGMiscellaneous Publication
The Beehouse BookMANN Paul
The Behaviour of Bees and BeekeepersWADEY H. J.
The Biology of the Honey BeeWINSTON Mark L.
The British Beekeepers Guide BookCOWAN T.W.
The Chalk Brood EnigmaHEATH Prof L.A.F.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
The Complete and Easy Guide to BeekeepingFLOTTUM Kim
The Complete Handbook of BeekeepingMACE Herbert
The Dancing BeesVON FRISCH Karl
The Golden ThrongTEALE Edwin Way
The History of Beekeeping in BritainFRASER H. Malcolm
The Hive and the HoneybeeGROUT Roy A. (ed)
The Hive BeeCARTER G A.
The Honey Bee Inside OutDAVIS Celia
The Honey, Garlic, and Vinegar BookSTEIN Maxwell
The How and Why of Ants and BeesROOD Ronald N.
The How-To-Do-It Book of BeekeepingTAYLOR Richard
The Huish HiveHUISH Robert
The Hunting WaspCROMPTON John
The Joys of BeekeepingKENNEDY – BELL M. G.
The Key of the HiveDUNNING J. M.
The Laboratory Diagnosis of Honeybee DiseasesDADE H. A. pub.Miscellaneous Publication
The Law of the HoneybeeEDWARDES Tickner
The Life and Flight Activity of DronesRUTTNER Prof. E.Bee Research Association Publication
The Life of the BeeMAETERLINK M.
The Microscope Made EasyWELLS A. Laurence
The Mind of the BeesFRANCON Julien
The Northern BeekeeperCUMMING A.R.
The Observation HiveSHOWLER Karl
The Pollen Loads of the HoneybeeHODGES Dorothy
The Practical Bee GuideDIGGS J. U
The Queen Bee and Other Natural StoriesEWALD Carl
The Sacred BeeRANSOME Hilder M.
The Social Organisation Of HoneybeesFREE John B.
The Story of The HiveWILLIAMS Canning
The World of BeesHOYT Murray
The World of the HoneybeeBUTLER Cohn
Understanding the HoneybeeBAKER C. G T.
Virgin Queen’s FlightHAMMANN E.Miscellaneous Publication
Wax for ShowPADMORE F.National Honey Show Publication
Weather and Scale Hive RecordingCOLTHURST M. L.Central Association of Beekeepers Lectures
What Does The Bee See?IPSEN D. C.