BADS BKA Committee Vacancies

The BADS Annual General Meeting will be held on 15th January 2019, at which we have to elect our committee.

There are a number of positions becoming vacant and we need volunteers from the membership to fill them as we have relied on a very dedicated and enthusiastic core of people for quite a few years.

The positions are:

  • Chair (Elizabeth El Dars has held this for 3 years and has to step down)
  • Vice Chair
  • Education Secretary
  • Committee Members x 2
  • Apiary Manager at High Mead

We also need someone to organise the raffle at our regular meetings.

If you think you would like to take on one of these roles, please contact me so that I can give you a brief description of what each one entails.

I cannot reiterate strongly enough that without your support the club cannot function, so please do give it some consideration. With a membership of 172, I am sure there must be a few of you up for the challenge!

Kind regards

Sheila Orr
BADS Secretary

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