Kevin Pope, our seasonal bee-inspector, has informed us that an Asian Hornet was found about 10 days ago on the ferry about an hour after it had left Poole. It had no ticket(!) and so it was impossible to determine whether it had come from France and was on its way home or more worryingly it was leaving England

.Kevin has asked all of us to put out wasp traps and to monitor what is caught. A one or one and half litre plastic bottle with the top quarter cut off and inserted upside down(without its lid) will work. It should be baited with dark beer and as much sugar as it will take (jam melted in hot water is almost as good).

If you see anything that resembles an Asian Hornet please tel. Kevin immediately and he will come and see what you have got. You can check what an Asian Hornet looks like on the NBU website.

Kevin’s number is: 07775 119466

For the sake of all our bees please act NOW.

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